Oct 7, 2011

Something I love in my new house :)

My Husband is fan about Palestinian traditions so he has lot of  paintings and pictures to Palestine but really I loved this one the most, even I hate to put pictures for people but this one couldn't resist :)

In general I like the whole wall in our living room all the paining in this room for Palestine


  1. Rain :)

    The first one to Shammout and the other two for Tamam Al Akhal :)

    you know you made me check the paintings :D

    Thanks :)

  2. They are not portraits of people, they are portraits of a country :)

    you never regret hanging any palestinian related paint :)

    lovely paintings masgallah

  3. Thanks PP :) yup that is why I hanged them :) they represent the palestinian case.

    Anonymous, Thank you :)