Nov 30, 2010

I wanna speak

Yesterday something upsets me happened at the work and I didn't speak or make an objection. It was so unfair and oppressive; the only thing I did as usual is just cry and burns myself from inside! Today morning I decided to speak and speak! I decided to speak my point view and my objection since I know I am right and deserve to be heard!

I wanna change I don't want as just runaway from problems and keep the problems on my mind burning me slowly until I find another job.

Once in my life I wanna be strong and face the problems, to speak my mind and to fight for my rights!

I am writing here to calm myself so when I speak to my manage I don’t miss any point that I want to raise. I am stressed and I am confused :(

May Allah be with me!

Nov 29, 2010

الله كبير

Sometimes I feel it is bad to wake up in a good mood because my day will turn to be miserable.

الله كبير


يا من حوى ورد الرياض بخده
وحاكى قضيب الخيزران بقده
دع عنك ذا السيف الذي جردته
عيناك امضى من مضارب حده
كل السيوف قواطع ان جردت
وحسام لحظك قاطع في غمده
ان شئت تقتلني فأنت محكم
من ذا يطالب سيدا في عبده؟؟

Nov 25, 2010

Wear tight shoes

Funny quote but absolutely right!

If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.

~The Houghton Line, November 1965

Nov 8, 2010

ساحة المعركة

بناءاً على طلب نمرودة هانم فهذه هي اخر التطورات على ساحة المعركة